• hello world :^)

    23rd Sep 2019 by

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. — Lao Tzu. This is the very first post on my new blog. I’ve decided to start writing again in my spare time. I actually started blogging years ago and used to write A LOT but met a wall with writer’s block. It’s not that… Read more

  • Week 1.5: Coding Adventures

    29th Apr 2021 by

    It’s been a week and a half of learning so far and lemme tell you, it’s been quite an adjustment for me to go from the teacher’s mindset and having to impart knowledge to being that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed student who’s absorbing knowledge again. But in a way, we’re all lifelong learners and I hope… Read more

  • New Game +

    23rd Apr 2021 by

    So I finally decided to call it quits in a job that I had been in for just over 3 years (and perhaps, industry for 5+). This week marks the first that I haven’t had to sit in crappy Auckland traffic during rush hour and wonder where my life is going. Not exactly a quarter-life… Read more

  • I’m Hitting Quit

    13th Mar 2021 by

    I’m gonna quit. This is talking about my job, by the way. Not right as this moment, not today, but soon. Possibly in the next couple of months and a hard plan to go at the latest by mid-year. I know it may seem sudden especially during a global pandemic, but I’ve been at the… Read more

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