• hello world :^)

    23rd Sep 2019 by

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. — Lao Tzu. This is the very first post on my new blog. I’ve decided to start writing again in my spare time. I actually started blogging years ago and used to write A LOT but met a wall with writer’s block. It’s not that… Read more

  • Game Review: Dude, Where’s My Beer?

    16th Nov 2021 by

    This review’s been a long time coming since I actually played and completed this game a few months back, but here it is! You know how I love a good point-and-click game like the next guy and have a massive disdain for most fast-paced shooters, so please never get your hopes up about me reviewing… Read more

  • Lockdown Blues

    20th Oct 2021 by

    I keep saying that I’ll get back to writing but the truth is the lockdown this time (our 4th or 5th, I’ve lost count now) has made me feel more bogged down than ever. If the last few lockdowns were like walking through knee height springwater lake, then this definitely feels more like wading through… Read more

  • The Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam

    16th Jul 2021 by

    My mother’s been telling me that during tough economic times, the more tricksters, robbers and conmen come out to play. So in other words, we should expect a rise in robberies, scams and security hacks for the sake of obtaining money and fraud right now as we’re still riding out the global pandemic. And you… Read more

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