Jelly Puff’s Top 5 Multiplayer PC Games

Photo by from Pexels

Now, since starting this blog, I haven’t really been keeping up with it (sorry, I know I say I’m busy but at times I also just feel too tired to push myself to write anything though I usually have ideas), so I haven’t really written about gaming. And this is my tagline, and if Jelly Puff doesn’t play games then what does she play? Just for the record though, I play a few musical instruments.

*ba dum tss*

But anyway, this is a game list that I’ve been meaning to write about: multiplayer games and a handful of my favorite ones at that. Now when you think of multiplayer, you may have images of Overwatch or some other FPS shooter in your head, but not me. And those of you have seen me stream know that I am super-duper unlikely to even play FPS games because:

1. I have quite sh*tty aim so I just spam shoot most of the time
2. I generally don’t like to play competitively against other people

So what does that leave me?

Let the countdown begin.

5. Towerfall Ascension
I actually came to know about this game a few years after its release when a former colleague introduced the rest of the office to this game. You see, our boss had a communal Macbook Air that we would use for client meetings and we wondered what games we could play in our downtime. We also had spare Playstation 3 controllers lying around (one of them was mine because I was trying to play another game on my very outdated white Macbook). The result was Towerfall Ascension – a charming 2D pixel-art arena game, also known as the quasi-predecessor of the challenging platformer, Celeste.

And yes, yes I enjoyed the battle royale modes reminiscent of my childhood days with Super Smash Bros 64 where we would play to eliminate each other sans arrows but more importantly, I discovered the beauty of co-op mode. Initially, it just started with me and one of my other coworkers playing the standard 2-player co-op mode which eventually led to us buying the Dark World expansion pack so we could use 4 players. The reason why this is lower on my list is because this game previously supported only local co-op, but with the new Remote Play feature from Steam, playing online with friends is now a long-awaited but welcomed possibility.

4. Don’t Starve Together
Let me just preface this by saying that I never played the original Don’t Starve. I actually came to know about this game because I caught another streamer, elimere playing this game on her channel. I also just happened to be lucky enough to win a copy of this game in a giveaway she was doing and ended up learning how to play it on stream with her and some other players.

Now I don’t play this game quite often enough to even say I’m an amateur since I am a very, very casual player. That being said, I enjoy crafting things and working together with my friends to learn how to survive, while trying to keep most of my sanity.

3. 100% Orange Juice
I’ve also just come to know about this gem of a party game. Think Super Mario Party board game but with anime characters, trading cards and funky music. Now I haven’t played against my friends (I’m a lover, not a fighter (●’◡’●)), just CPU players and co-op mode and this is a pretty fun game. I like how you can play this game while doing other things in the background (cough cough, eating), since you roll some dice, make a move and then wait for other players to do the same.

2. Golf With Your Friends
I don’t play golf IRL. I have friends IRL, but this game is completely online which is a really great way to hit some green with some online friends (or not). This was also thanks to another friend and streamer, ChampionTofu, who is on an indefinite hiatus though he says it is unlikely he is coming back to streaming (but you never know and I still hope). I like this game very much. But at the same time, you start to question whether your friends would really knock you over just to get a hole in one or a birdie.

The answer: They would.

1. Overcooked 1 & 2
Now this game is what sweet dreams are made of. It is the true test of friendship and brings out the Gordon Ramsay in all of us. It confirms my suspicions that a busy commercial kitchen is a hellish nightmare that has no place in my reality. I however, do enjoy looking at in-game food, the time-management and fast-paced action which does not include guns or killing anyone.

And with the new throw ability in Overcooked 2, like a sharp double-edged knife, it adds another layer of complexity and hilarity. The times I have seen completed dishes being thrown in bins has caused me to think very much about food waste. I also think about that time we were just two points off from achieving the third star on a level.

Of course, there’s way more multiplayer games I do enjoy playing on PC and other consoles not listed here. I just don’t tend to play as many games as I used to with other people because either adulting eats up our free time or some other reason.

Anyway, what are some of your favorite multiplayer games to play? Are you like me and enjoy co-op games? Tell me about it!