Welcome To My Blog (Take #2)

Now this is my true introduction post, but not exactly my first (you can catch the Hello World post here if you missed it, or want to revisit it). If my first post was a greeting, then this is like an extended handshake. Now I actually get to tell you a little more about what this blog is about and what you can expect to see around here:

  • Gaming: game reviews, my own streams (self-indulgent or hint of masochism maybe, but you never know who’s watching or reading) and other gaming related topics like my ever-growing backlog (HALP).
  • Opinion Pieces: like I mentioned previously, there are some things on Twitter that I think I better explained in 250 characters or a thread. This could be my view on various topics like politics, music, news articles, etc.
  • Poetry + (Other) Creative Writing: including short stories, especially flash fiction.
  • Journaling: just pages from my life in general.
  • Miscellaneous Entries: self-explanatory, hopefully.

As with anything I do, I hope that you as readers find something useful in the content I create and maybe I’ll even pick up some new people. And by useful, I don’t necessarily mean gaining knowledge or picking up a new perspective. If my content makes you feel a certain way and you are better for it, even if only marginally better, then I believe the content has served its purpose.

Welcome (again) and hope you enjoy the ride!