About Me

Hi! You may know me from my live streaming adventures on Twitch or my tweets on Twitter.

Some people call me Jelly Puff, but others call me Jelly and even JP. Feel free to call me anything, as long as it’s all in good taste and not derogatory.

As for who I am, I’m a 9-5 office lady (OL) by day, but a gamer and writer at heart. My very first memories of gaming were sharing a game or two of Super Mario Bros. and Tetris with my brother on a SNES clone we had.

From there on, we accumulated other consoles along the way such as Playstation, Nintendo 64, PS2 and Wii. But still, I kept coming back to the PC and grew a love for games with deep narratives, beautiful soundtracks, great voice acting and comedic lines. Yes, I’m looking at you The Curse of Monkey Island.

Growing up, I also liked to read a lot, getting myself lost in fantasy and learning facts about the world. So writing became a natural progression from that, where I could pour my emotions out while creating stories and bringing them to life.

As I’ve mentioned before, writing comes more easily to me than speaking, so here’s to the love of great writing and games.