Fires and Floods

Now I know I’m about two weeks late in writing this blog post, because I did aim to have at least one blog post published every week. Well, there’s no point on dwelling in the past and nobody’s getting any younger, so I’ll just have to procrastinate less and just do more. So this probably means that I’ll write posts and schedule them ahead of time.

And psst. I’m publishing this post by email!

Okay, so it’s nothing new and it’s been around for some time now but I thought I’d try out this feature.

So it’s been a very strange week for me, after acknowledging all the stress that has been mounting up in my life and coming back from vacation there was a huge fire at the building across the road from my office. And most of you that follow me on Twitter already know this, but now the building’s basement is flooded with water-damaged cars that belong to staff. The very thing that was used to extinguish the fire has become a problem itself.

So Jelly, what are you getting at exactly? I’m getting there, alright.

All I’m saying is that this fire started around lunchtime and reports say that it was probably due to a blowtorch being left on. The irony of the situation is that they used eco-friendly materials such as plywood and straw, along with bitumen (the same material that is used in tyres) which caused the fire to burn for a very long time and made it extremely hard to put out.

This was like me bottling things up and saying yes to everything, even when I didn’t think they were such good ideas. I became very apathetic towards a lot of things at work and didn’t see much point in doing anything anymore. And if you let something build up over time, things just get harder to deal with in the long run.

The day before that, my manager pulled me aside to have a chat about the letter I wrote her. Without divulging too much information, she shared some of unfortunate events that had taken place in her life and how they had affected her. She then said:

” You can’t change some things that happen around or to you, but it’s how we respond to it that matters.”

Because that’s all we can do. And as the smoke billowed from across the roof, my eyes were drawn to this meme printout on the window. “Keep Calm and Carry On.” That’s when everything made sense.

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Things don’t actually become easier as we grow older.

We become stronger.